Hair Growth Affirmations, prayers and Mantras

Use these affirmations to accept the gift of good, healthy hair from the universe. Bad hair can cause stress and self-confidence issues and impact your general happiness. Say these hair growth affirmations in the morning, before bed, or before taking your shower.

Affirmation for hair growth

My hair grows effortlessly.

My scalp only knows long healthy hair.

I am entering a time of amazing hair growth.

I can hear people asking what I am doing to get such great hair.

I have all the nutrients I need for my hair to grow.

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Affirmations to stop hair loss

If you are experiencing hair loss, use these affirmations to arrest the problem. These are best done in front of a mirror, as long as there is no one to think you are crazy.

My hair loss is arrested now.

My hair is well nourished.

My hair is strongly rooted in my scalp.

My head will not lose a single hair strand starting today.

I declare the season of losing hair over.

Affirmations to stop hair thinning

If your hair is thinning, you can call upon the gracious energy of the universe to reverse the problem with these easy short affirmations to stop hair thinning.

I accept the gift of thick hair in my head.

The gracious energy of the universe nourishes my hair.

I am grateful for the thick hair I am getting.

No thin hair strand will be attached to my scalp.

I welcome the season of healthy thick hair.

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Mantras for hair growth

These mantras should be said repeatedly, for at least 3 minutes. You have to be in a relaxed state and see yourself with long hair in the eye of your mind.

Long hair now. Long hair now. Long hair now.

Thick hair comes. Thick hair comes. Thick hair comes.

My head, healthy hair. My head, healthy hair. My head, healthy hair.

You have to say these affirmations with belief and conviction. You need to feel yourself accepting the gift if healthy hair with gratitude.

Law of attraction for hair growth

To manifest thick hair, you can use hair growth affirmations, hair growth mantras, and even hair growth prayers. The whole idea is to put yourself in the same state of mind you would be in if you had long hair. It is not about pretending to believe. You have to bring yourself to a point where you actually believe your affirmations or prayers to be fact.

Do hair affirmations work?

Hair affirmations work if you say them with belief and gratitude. You not only have to say them with your mouth but they should come from the depths of your heart.

Hair affirmations are just a form of prayer or mantra. For them to work, you need to have faith in your words. Remember, with prayer, you are asking but with affirmations, you are declaring.

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Can meditation make your hair grow?

Yes, meditation can make your hair grow if you do it right. Meditation is a powerful way of accessing your subconscious mind.

There is power in the subconscious mind. If you can make it believe the right thing about your hair growth, it will direct the body systems to nourish your hair and make it grow.

Prayer for hair growth

Use this prayer in faith to restore your thinning hair, arrest hair loss, and get your hair to grow.

Dear Lord, I come as your child laying this burden at your feet. I ask that you extend your healing hand and make my hair grow. I declare that you are in control of everything, you are able to do anything, and that everything obeys your command.

Today, my Lord, I ask that your grace will rest upon my head and grant me hair growth. I declare that by your power, my self-image will be restored as you empower me with hair growth. I pray this prayer in the name of the Lord, Amen.