Dream About Maggots in Your Hands and Feet

A dream about maggots in your fingers or hands means you are expending your energy on the wrong things. It’s not just that you’re wasting your time and energy. The dream might actually mean what you are doing will harm you in the long run, even though you think you are doing the right thing.

Dream about maggots coming out of your toes

Seeing maggots coming out of your toes in a dream means you are on the wrong path in life. It does not mean your entire life is wrong but it might simply be about just one department of your life.

Feet stand for your ability to advance in life towards your destiny. Seeing maggots in your feet or toes implies you are going in the wrong direction.

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Dream about popping maggots in your toes or fingers

A dream in which you see yourself popping maggots out of your fingers or toes means you will soon discover the mistakes you’ve made as far as your journey towards your destiny is concerned.

Not only will you realize your mistakes but you will also have the grace to correct them and turn your life around.

Dreaming about maggots in your hands or feet might also mean you have refused to accept the end of something good in your life. Just like things start out great then end up rotting and being infested with maggots, the dream is symbolic of something dead in your life that you have failed or refused to let go of.

It could be that you have been hurt by an offender and have refused to let the hurt go, and this is causing you problems.

Dream about holding maggots in your hand

A dream in which you see yourself holding maggots in your hands means there is something in your life that you detest not knowing that it is of value to you. This is something that you think is negative and might even be trying hard to get rid of.

However, a closer look will reveal to you the true value of what you are trying to throw away.

It could a friendship that you are trying to end not knowing that it is beneficial and even vital to your destiny.

It could also be a relationship that you are trying to break but that you should maintain for your own good.

Dream about killing maggots with your fingers or hands

A dream in which you see yourself killing maggots with your hands or fingers means you will have to do things you do not like in order to get ahead in life.

You will have to put your personal preferences, likes, and dislikes aside and do the necessary to move forward in life.

Dream about stepping on maggots

Seeing yourself step on maggots in the dream means you will face so many challenges along your path to your destiny.

However, you will have to march on despite what you walk on and through. The dream is a warning to not give up and keep moving through the nasty times you might face. This is not something unique to you as everyone who stepped into their destiny had to deal with endless challenges.

All you have to know is that this will be temporal but your victory will be permanent.

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