Dream about walking in darkness meaning/symbolism

A dream about walking through darkness could symbolize lack of direction, blind actions, and grappling with situations that you do not how to get out of. Walking through darkness in a dream could also merely be a result of the hardships you might be enduring in your waking life.

On a positive note, darkness sometimes inevitably means light is about to breakthrough. This is true in the cyclic nature of the universe in which everything seems to oscillate like a pendulum.

Where there once was darkness, light comes, and after that darkness, then light comes again.

A dream about walking through darkness, therefore, could mean that the next phase of your life will be one filled with light, positivity, happiness, and prosperity.

Walking in darkness with a child

Walking in darkness with a child can symbolize a trauma from your childhood or formative years. This is something terrible that you experienced that still has a subconscious hold on you.

If you walk in darkness with your child in a dream, it symbolizes your willingness to share whatever negativity they might be going through.

Walking in darkness with someone

A dream in which you walk through darkness with someone could be interpreted as a desire for their companionship during tough times.

The dream could also symbolize experiencing a similarly tough time as they did, meaning you might want to learn from their experience.

The person you were walking through darkness with in your dream could be your mother, father, brother,  sister, cousin, aunt, uncle, grandfather, grandmother, or even a friend, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or ex.

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Walking in darkness with your dog

A dream in which you see yourself walking in darkness with your dog could symbolize loneliness in hard times. Dogs in dreams are sometimes symbols of friendship and loyalty.

The idea of being with a dog while walking through a dark tunnel or any dark environment in a dream can be interpreted as an absence of companionship and friendship while enduring a tough time.

A dream about walking with a dog in darkness could also symbolize a hard time brought on by friends you thought were loyal to you but that turned to be secret enemies.

Walking in darkness with a cat dream meaning

A dream in which you see yourself walking through darkness with a cat, whether yours or otherwise, symbolizes problems brought on by pride and an unwillingness to work with others.

Cats in the dream might symbolize pride and lack of teamwork. Since you are walking with this animal through darkness, it could mean that the very traits of the cat are keeping you in your dark time.

walking in darkness with a dead relative

A dream in which you see yourself walk through darkness with a dead relative means you are going through some trouble that the dead relative could have helped you with if they were alive.

The dream could also mean that your dead relative went through something similar. Whether you should do what they did in that situation depends on what the outcome of their reaction was.

The dead relative that walked with you in darkness could be your dead mother, dead father, dead brother, dead sister, dead cousin, dead aunt, dead uncle, dead grandfather, dead grandmother, or even a dead friend, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or ex.