Prayer for your struggling son – Includes thanksgiving

Read this prayer for your struggling son and make it yours. Connect with every word in it and most importantly, believe that you have already received what you ask.

Give ear to my words, Oh Lord

Dear Lord, I bring my son [name of your son] before you. I come to you knowing that I have nowhere else to run to, knowing that you will hear my cry.

Father, I commit my son into your hands, asking you to touch every area of his life. I ask you to uproot everything that is not of You from his life. I pray these words, knowing that your word promised you would hear me.

Look upon him with compassion and lighten his burden, soothe every pain in his life and let the breeze of your grace wash over him.

May he find rest in You from every struggle, may he find peace under your shadow, and may you shield him from all thorns and thistles of this world.

I commit his relationship, his finances, his health, and his entire life into your hands. Let your light break into his every struggle, and expel all darkness from his life. 

As I pray for my struggling son, I have confidence in you for no word of mine uttered unto you will fall to the ground unanswered. In Jesus name, I pray,


End of supplication

Now, take some time to thank the Lord for your answer that has already come. Believe that this prayer for your struggling son is answered. As Jesus said, in Mathew 18:24:

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

Thanksgiving for the answered prayer for your struggling son

Dear Lord, my confidence is that every time I call unto you, you not only hear me but also answer me. My heart delights in you for my son will see your hand in his life. I thank you for your healing wind that is now touching all areas of his life.

I thank you because your ear is not deaf and neither is your hand too short to save. I give you all the glory for the change coming upon his life, and I thank you because my tears have not fallen in vain.

In Jesus’ name, I pray with thanksgiving in my heart, 


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