Dream about helping or nursing a baby monkey symbolism

A dream in which you see yourself nursing a baby monkey symbolizes your desire to recover your lost sense of humor, relaxation, and peace of mind. The dream means you have recognized this problem and are thinking about sorting it out.

The baby monkey you nursed or helped in the dream could symbolize your injured relationship business education etc.

Here are some dream examples of nursing or helping a baby monkey

Nursing an injured baby monkey dream meaning

A dream in which you see yourself nurse an injured baby monkey symbolizes the recovery of dreams and goals that you lost as a result of the words and actions of those around you. 

The baby monkey’s state of being injured stands for the effects of the malice of the fake people that might surround you. The fact that you were nursing it implies your turn-around.

The monkey’s injury could be caused by a trap a fall from a tree an attack by a lion dog or human with a gun etc.

Dream about rescuing a baby monkey

A dream in which you rescue a baby monkey symbolizes your desire to recover some of the things taken from you. These are not material things and could be things like pride, dignity, peace of mind, serenity, sense of security, sense of purpose etc. 

Some people rob us of certain qualities that make us complete. These can be relationship partners, work colleagues, classmates, family and friends, etc. By rescuing a baby monkey in your dream you are saying you are reclaiming yourself.

Dream about feeding a baby monkey

A dream in which you see yourself feeding a baby monkey could symbolize your tolerance of the weaknesses of those around you. although this might bring some chaos in your life, you focus more on the positive it might bring.

Dream about putting a bandage on an inured baby monkey

If you see yourself put a bandage on an injured baby monkey, it symbolizes your desire to mend some of your broken dreams. It stands for fresh hope and a strong belief in yourself and goals. The bandaged baby monkey could stand for your relationship, education, business or work.

Dream about helping an abandoned monkey

A dream in which you help an abandoned monkey means you are the kind of person that encourages others to pursue the goals and dreams they feel like giving up on. You are an encourager and you often push people to be the best they can be.