Affirmations to heal from past embarrassment

Affirmations to heal from past embarrassments

These affirmations will tell your subconscious mind to forget the wrongs you’ve done and the embarrassment you caused yourself. It can be an awful feeling to recall some of your mistakes and relive the embarrassment all over again. Saying these 3 affirmations can help train your mind to deal with those memories more gracefully.

3 affirmations to forgive yourself for embarrassing yourself

I release myself from the shame of my wrong deeds.
I will never swim this river of regret ever again
I declare the price for my wrongs fully paid for.

3 affirmations to heal from the embarrassment brought on you by others

I speak total peace of mind and freedom from embarrassment thrown at me.
I will not be tortured anymore by the sins of those around me.
My mind will be at peace with the memories of betrayal.

3 affirmations to stop embarrassing yourself

My mind does the right things always
I will be an inspiration to those around me
I expel all shame from my court.

3 affirmations to wash away your guilt for your wrongdoing

I accept my deeds and I forgive myself totally
I will not walk the road of guilt over this wrongdoing
I decree a serene mind free from the guilt of the past

3 affirmations to keep you grounded when people try to embarrass or shame you

My strong mind will not be embarrassed by the wors of my enemies
I know who I am and no negative words can get to me
I detach myself from all those who would try to ruin mu reputation

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