Prayer for your innocent son with a court case

It can be very painful to have your son face a possible jail term of huge fine, knowing that he is innocent. Fortunately, there is nothing prayer cannot work for. This is a prayer for your innocent son with a court case, to ask the Lord to make his innocence come to light.

A prayer for your innocent son’s court case

Dear Lord, I bring my son before your seat of authority and mercy. See Lord, he faces injustice and will stand before the court in innocence. My request to you my father is for your Holy Spirit to teach him what to say, and to touch the hearts of the people judging the case.

Abba Father, nothing is too hard for you, and indeed by your grace, my son will walk free. You know all things and you know he is innocent. I now ask that you make this known to the people before whom he will stand.

My father, I pray that my son will not have to carry a burden he does not deserve. I pray that he will not stand condemned out of injustice, and I pray that your power will be known to him through this court case.

Look upon him with mercy and come through for him. Even as this court case is still going on, I ask that you will reveal your comfort to him, that you will make it known to him that you have been with him, that you are with him, and that you will never leave him even in the darkest hour.

Soften the hearts of his accusers, soften the hearts of the people judging him, and strengthen the minds and hearts of those that are standing to defend him.

I pray these things in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,


Having prayed this prayer, believe that God will come through. Let there be joy within your heart and allow the peace of God to rest upon your heart. Comfort your son and tell him his court case will proceed in his favor since God will intervene.

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