Dream about clothes or wardrobe on fire

A dream in which you see your clothes, wardrobe, or dresser on fire means you are at risk of doing something that might ruin your reputation. Clothes in the dream stand for your public image or reputation. Seeing them on fire could stand for a ruined reputation.

There are, however, more possible interpretations as explained below.

You need to change your general public image

A dream in which you see your clothes, wardrobe, or dresser on fire means you have to change your public image. There is an opportunity coming your way that will require you to adjust or refine the way you portray yourself to the outside world. The opportunity could be something that will put you in a position to deal with a lot of people. It will therefore be necessary that you maintain an impeccable reputation.

Someone will try to dent your image

One of the ways that your enemies may attack you is by trying to ruin your reputation. Seeing your clothes or wardrobe on fire in the dream is a sign that someone will attempt to dent your image. This is done through lies made up and spread among those around you. The fact that you had this dream means the attack will not work.

You might lose something you pride yourself in

Clothes are objects of pride to most people. Seeing yours on fire in the dream could be a sign that something you pride yourself in is at risk. This could be your job, education, business, family, or relationship. That you are seeing this dream means that you will manage to dodge this problem.

You will soon feel free to be yourself

Although people use clothes to adorn themselves, they also use them to hide parts of their bodies that they are insecure about. In dream symbolism, clothes can therefore represent your fear of being yourself. Seeing them burn means you will no longer need to mask your true self. You will be confident and comfortable with yourself.

Dream about someone burning your clothes

A dream about someone burning your clothes means your reputation is under attack from someone close to you. If the person doing the burning is someone that cares about you, the dream means they will harm your reputation unintentionally.

Dream about a burglar burning your clothes

A dream in which you see a burglar burn your clothes means there is someone bad for you that is trying to come into your life. Whether by accident or design, this person might lead to the ruining of your reputation.

A lie you told might be exposed

If you told a lie to bolster your reputation, seeing your clothes, wardrobe, or dresser on fire means this lie will be exposed. You have nothing to worry about, though. This dream also means that you will realize that it was not necessary to lie or exaggerate in order for people to respect you. Even without padding yourself with falsehood, you will discover that people still love and respect you for who you are.

A lie that someone made up against you will be exposed

If you see your clothes on fire, it means that a lie that someone told about you will soon be exposed. This is a lie that may have come to define you in the eyes of those around you. But since you saw your clothes burning in your dream, the negative perception that people may have will be replaced by esteem.

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