Dream about your boss dying

A dream in which you see your boss die symbolizes freedom, the taking on of more responsibilities, and your triumph over any idea, habit, or material that controls your life.

The dream could also be directly about your job, in which case the dream means you might soon be no longer under that boss. It could mean you will be promoted or transferred to a different station, or that your boss will be transferred, fired, or promoted. Here are some detailed interpretations of dreams in which you see your boss dying.

You will be free to be yourself

A dream in which you see your boss dying means you will soon find the freedom to be yourself. The dead boss stands for all the people that discourage you from being yourself, as well as your fear of the ridicule that may come with being your true self. It means you will be able to express yourself and pursue your dreams with little regard for what people think of you.

You will overcome a bad habit

A dream about a boss dying stands for the demise of anything that controls your life. Among these are bad habits and addictions. The dream could mean you will soon be able to get over a habit that you feel has been controlling your life. These include drug use, alcohol abuse, lying, stealing, cheating, etc.

You will be able to get over a toxic friend or partner

Your boss dying in the dream could mean you will be able to detach yourself from a bad friend or bad partner. It can sometimes be difficult to let go of someone you have been with for a long time even if they’re bad for you. In the dream, such people can be represented by your boss, and them dying means they will no longer have power over you.

You will take on more responsibilities

Having a boss means there is someone telling you what to do. It is not your responsibility whether it works out or not, as long as you have done what you were told. If your boss dies in the dream, it means that you now will be directly responsible for more things in your life.

You will conquer a fear of yours

Fear can rule your life, dictating where you can and cannot go, and what you can and cannot do. If you see your boss die in the dream, it could mean you will defeat a serious fear of yours. Conquering a fear is likened to your boss dying because them dying means you are no longer under their control. This fear could be in any part of your life such as education, business, work, relationship, etc.

You will have financial freedom

Money, or the lack thereof, is a big factor in modern life. It tells you where you can go, what you can eat, wear, drive, etc. It is one of the biggest proverbial bosses in people’s lives. If you dream about your boss dying, it could be one way of the universe telling you that you will soon get your financial freedom.

Dream about a car killing your boss

If you see a car kill your boss, it means you will conquer a problem that has been making it hard for you to advance in your life. The car in your dream stands for your movement towards your destiny. Seeing it kill your boss means you will soon deal with any limiting issues and move forward in your life.

Dream about killing your boss

If you see yourself kill your boss in the dream, it means there are problems in your life that control you that only you can deal with. No one can or will help you.

The dream could also be about your work. Seeing your boss die in the dream could mean that you will win a coming argument or debate with your boss. It does not have to be a bad incident. It could simply mean that he or she will simply see things your way.

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