5 Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Communicating With You

On an autumn evening of 2016, Jane, a fast-food employee in Houston Texas, knocked off from work at 5 as she normally did. As she was about to board the bus, an inner voice told her to just walk home. “It was not just a voice, it was a mix of an inner voice and a strong urge to just walk home,” explained Jane. “There was absolutely no reason for me to feel that way, and walking home is something I rarely do.”

On her way home, walking through a sparse woods, Jane saw a figure lying on the ground. She walked towards the figure and could see it was a man that had seemingly passed out. By the time she was a few feet away, she realized it was her father. He had passed from a diabetic stroke.

What made Jane ditch the bus for a walk home? What was that voice she heard and whose was it? Jane undoubtedly believes the voice was from her spirit guides.

We all have spirit guides that, as their name suggests, guide us through life, urging us to take one direction over the other, and intervening on some occasions. However, the communication between us and our guides is rarely clear. The more spiritually sensitive have an easier connection with their guides but for the general population, communication might be symbolic and vague. It is on you to be attentive to figure out what your spirit guides are telling you. Here are 5 signs that your guides are trying to communicate with you.

1. You are seeing recurring number patterns

Sometimes, our spirit guides communicate through numbers. You look at your watch and it reads 11:11. Later, in the day, you see a vehicle with registration 1111. You buy a burger and your bill is $11.11. You probably have had this experience. It may not have been 1111. It may have been 444, 777, 555, 101, etc. These are called angel numbers.

If you see a specific sequence or pattern of numbers repeatedly, you might want to pay attention as it could be a message from your guardian spirits or angels. There are some angel number dictionaries you can use as a reference. However, the best way to decode these messages is to look within yourself. You can do this by meditating and, with your conscious mind silenced, your subconscious which already has this message, will bring it into your consciousness.

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2. You are having vivid recurring dreams

One of the most common ways your guides might commincate with you is through dreams. With your conscious filter shut down while you sleep, it is much easier for these spirits to reach you. Sometimes, the dream might be easy to decode. For example, you make a new friend but you constanlty see him attacking you in your dream. This might be your guides trying to warn you about this person.

Some, however, are too symbolic to understand. You might want to consider what the things you saw in the dream might mean to you to understand the overall message of your dream. You could use dream dictionaries but these are just for general guidance. Each dream is specific to the dreamer so what one dream might mean to one person could be different for the next person.


3. You are having too many synchronicities

You are thinking about someone and then at that moment, you get a call or text from them. You are thinking about something then someone brings that same thing in conversation. You are singing a song in your mind and that very song comes up on the radio. These are called synchronicities, and they could mean your spirit guides are trying to reach you.

What the message is depends on the nature or theme of the syncroniciteis.

4. You are constantly hearing the same word or phrase everywhere

Have you ever had an experience where you suddenly started hearing the same word or phrase over and over? You hear it in conversations, you hear it on TV, you see it in ads, you see it in books, etc. It does not mean that the word or phrase is suddenly being used more. It simply means you are now attuned to it because your guides are trying to draw your attention.

The exact message your guardian angels are trying to relay depends on the words or phrase. Just reflect on what it might mean to you.

5. Certain conversations with those around you stand out for no reason

Sometimes, people say certain things that stand out to us. They may not even know you are receiving their words. To them, it could merely be a casual trivial conversation but to you, it could mean something important. This is another way your spirit guides might talk to you. Sometimes, you might get the same words from more than one person.

If you experience this, you might want to reflerect on what their words might mean to you.

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