Dream about holding a door shut interpretation

Dream about holding a door shut (1)

A dream in which you see yourself holding a door shut means there will come a strong temptation to do something you know is wrong. This is something that, when done, might derail your journey towards your goals and probably ruin your life. The dream could also be about certain people that are trying to come into your life as friends or partners. These are however bad for you . You will know it, and you will try to keep them out of your life.

There could be an opportunity you are closing yourself from

Seeing yourself hold a door shut in the dream could also mean there is an opportunity that you are keeping yourself from out of fear. The door stands for opportunities and the fact that you are holding one shut could mean you are avoiding a good opportunity out of a lack of confidence. You might want to let the door open, walk through it, and see what is on the other side. It could be the one thing that changes your life.

Dream about holding a door shut with other people

If you dream about holding a door shut with other people helping you, it means there is something or someone that will try to come into your life that you will keep away with the help of others. These people could be your family or friends and their help in this regard comes by way of advice and encouragement.

Dream about holding a door shut while an animal chases you

The animal you saw stands for your animalistic behaviors. We all have them but what makes the difference is whether or not you suppress them. That you were holding the door shut from an animal means a time will soon come in which you will be tempted to act irrationally, abandoning your morals for selfish reasons that might jeopardize your goals, your business, your career, your health, or your relationship.

Dream about holding a door shut but it swings through the other side

A dream in which you try to hold a door shut but it swings open through the other side symbolizes your aversion to the company of others. Because people have disappointed you, you are no longer keen on accepting them into your life. However, in so doing, you are going beyond what is necessary, tipping the scales towards the negative. Your isolation might now be doing more harm than good to you.

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