Dream about turning into a bird interpretation

Dream about turning into a bird

The dream about turning into a bird symbolizes ease of movement towards your goals. After all the struggle you have been going through, a time will soon come in which you will seem to be succeeding effortlessly. It is not that your success will come without any work. It will be the result of your many years of working on your goals. Here are some more meanings of a dream in which you turn into a bird.

You will do something that will raise your reputation

The bird in your dream could stand for your reputation. You must stick to the straight and narrow, and out of this will come a glowing reputation that will endear you to many around you. Out of this will come boundless blessings in the form of promotions, appointments, business opportunities, and friendships that will set you on the path to success.

You will get a clear picture of what’s going on in your life

This dream meaning is a reference to the idea that birds have a large, clear view from the sky. You too will see the whole picture of things going on in your life. You will get the proverbial ‘bird’s eye view’. With better understanding of the problems in your life will come insight and ultimately solutions.

Dream about turning into a white bird

A dream in which you see yourself turn into a white bird means you are the kind of person that chooses right and this will bring promotion and fortune into your life. It might seem like evil people succeed while the good guys finish last. However, this dream means you will rise higher than those that take shortcuts and cut corners.

Dream about turning into a black bird

A dream in which you turn into a black bird means your desire to go high in life might cause you to do unethical things. It can be tempting to use the wrong way to rise in business, education, etc. However, your dubious rise might hide within it trouble and pain that will push you lower than you first were.

Dream about turning into a dove

A dream in which you turn into a dove means a storm will come but, surprisingly, you will manage to keep your peace. Once the storm is over, you will realize that behind it all was a blessing that will change your life and raise you. The only reason you will get this fortune out of the storm is your ability to keep your peace while it rages on.

Dream about turning into a chicken

A dream in which you turn into a chicken means someone might be trying to make you their victim. There might soon come a situation in which you will feel weak and defenseless. However, that you had this dream means you do not have to act weak and defenseless. You will need to stand your ground and show your enemies that fighting you is a bad idea.

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