Falling off a ladder dream interpretation

Dream about falling off a ladder (1)

A dream in which you see yourself fall off a ladder means your untamed desire to succeed and get to the top could actually be harmful to your goals. It means you might want to slow down and think through your steps before you fall lower than you at first were. The dream does not symbolize looming failure. On the contrary, it means you will succeed but you have to take your time and be cautious.

Dream about a ladder falling on you

A dream in which a ladder falls on your means there is an opportunity you have for long ignored or avoided. This has been out of lack of confidence or fear of failure. The ladder that fell on you is symbolic of an opportunity calling for your attention. Although it is uncomfortable, good things will come out of it all if you take it up.

Dream about a ladder breaking

A dream in which you see a ladder breaking symbolizes a fake opportunity that might actually cost you more than you will gain. It is about an illusory door that you think will lead you to your most pressing goals. To avoid this dream coming true, you need to reevaluate all the opportunities that come before you. It could be about relationships, business, education, etc.

Dream about a ladder sliding off a wall

If you see a ladder slide off a wall while you are climbing it in a dream, it means your overdependence on others might ruin your chances of realizing your goals. The dream symbolizes the disappointment that comes from trusting in others to help you achieve your goals. You need to build your self-reliance. Then if you are going to get help from others, let it be by way of interdependence and never make them think you are a mere parasite out to use them.

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