Dream about a baby or child calling you meaning

A dream in which you see a baby or child calling you means it is time to revisit the things you have always been interested in. Most people lose their passion and original dreams along their life’s journeys. This dream is not just a call for you to re-ignite your early interests. It also means that a way has been paved for you to succeed.

A baby or child calling you in a dream could also mean that you need to pay attention to the smaller, simpler things in your life. Take small steps, start small no matter how big your goals are. Sometimes, we are left paralyzed, not knowing where to start as we attempt to achieve our goals. You need to embrace small beginnings, take one day at a time and your life will be more bearable.

It does not matter whether the child is yours or not, the meaning is still the same – go back to your original dreams, passions, goals, or interests.