Shyanne Adkins of Jefferson County dies in I-64 crash Tuesday, May 11

I-64 eastbound has reopened following a fatal accident that killed Shyanne Adkins according to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department. State Police are investigating that wreck.

Investigators say it happened after 911 dispatchers received calls about a reckless driver on I-64 East.

State Police and sheriff’s deputies were trying to find a red 2005 Dodge Magnum after those calls, but it was involved in a deadly crash near the 55-mile marker before they could find it.

According to KSP, a preliminary investigation found the 22-year-old driver, Shyanne Adkins, from Jefferson County lost control of her vehicle and hit a guardrail off the right shoulder. The driver then got back on the road and rear-ended another car then hit another guardrail. Adkins was ejected from her car and the coroner pronounced her dead at the scene. No one in the other car was hurt.