61-year-old Rory Antoine, dies when dump truck strikes home in Anaheim, California – Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Anaheim California Car Crash Death of Rory Antoine – Obituary

61-year-old Rory Antoine has died after a dump truck struck his 2 homes in Anaheim, California. The accident occurred on Tuesday, August 24, 2021, on the 57 Freeway. Police received the report at 14:40 p.m. They say 54-year-old Rafael Pacheco lost control of the dump truck he was driving and struck 2 vehicles before going down an embankment. The vehicle then crashed into a carport and plowed through two homes.

Antoine was in one of the houses and suffered fatal injuries. The driver, Pacheo, suffered moderate injuries and has been hospitalized. One of the drivers of the 2 vehicles struck by the dump truck sustained minor injuries.

By press times, the scene was still littered with wood debris with the dump truck still embedded in one of the walls.

Source: ABC7