Charles Wise, 67, and Virginia Wise, 66, both of Plain Township die in fatal Stark County, OH car crash on – Thursday, August 26, 2021

Plain Township Motorcycle Crash Death of Charles Wise and Virginia Wise – Obituary

67-year-old Charles Wise and 66-year-old Virginia Wise, both of Plain Township, have died in a fatal Stark County, OH car crash that occurred on Thursday, August 26, 2021. The fatal Plain Township accident involved multiple cars including a Harley Davidson motorcycle that Charles and Virginia were on. It happened when the driver of a Cadillac SUV illegally made a turn despite a stop sign.

According to official reports, Charles and Virginia were on a Harley Davidson motorcycle heading west on Applegrove.

At Marelis Avenue. NE., the motorcycle was struck be a Cadillac SUV that was traveling south on Marelis. The impact caused the Harley to move into the eastbound lanes where a Ford F-350 crashed into it.

Both Charles and Virginia were killed at the scene of the crash.

As investigations proceed, authorities are asking for tips at (330)451-3937.

Source: Fox8