Hannah Malany lozzo dies in fatal Chilmark Moped Accident on South Road – Saturday, August 28, 2021

Chilmark Moped Accident Hannah Malany lozzo – Obituary

20-year-old West Brookfield woman, Hannah Malany lozzo, died in a fatal Chilmark moped accident that occurred on South Road, Saturday, August 28, 2021. It happened when the moped that Iozzo was in, while westbound on South Road, veered into the eastbound lane and crashed with a 2016 Lexus RX 350.

Iozzo and a second occupant of the moped were both thrown out of the vehicle.

Iozzo was left with fatal injuries to which she succumbed. The other passenger, who has not been named, was taken to a Rhode Island Hospital.

The occupants of the Lexus did not sustain any injuries.