33-year-old Bryan James Riley kills 3 in Lakeland, FL- Sunday, September 5, 2021

33-year-old Bryan James Riley, an ex-marine, killed 3 people including an infant in a Lakeland, FL home. The shooting occurred on Sunday, September 5, 2021, and also left an 11-year-old girl with at least 7 bullet holes in her body.

Event timeline

Saturday, 7:30 p.m: Deputies are called to a home about a suspicious person. Deputies arrive at the scene, a woman tells them a man, later said to have been 33-year-old Bryan James Riley, came to the house saying God sent him to speak to the woman’s daughter, Amber because she was suicidal. The woman tells police no Amber lived at the address.

Next 22 minutes: Deputies search the area looking for the man or his vehicle but find neither.

Sunday, 4:30 a.m: Lieutenant hears two separate volley of automatic gunfire in the same area as the woman’s house.

Moments Later: Police arrive at the house to find a truck on fire and several glow sticks following the path to the house.

Police then spot Riley in full body armor. He seems ready to attack but does not appear to have a weapon on him.

Riley runs back inside the house. Police hear gunfire and a woman screaming, along with a baby whimpering.

Officers attempt to enter the house but find it barricaded. They manage to enter through the back door.

Riley fires at a lieutenant who returns fire while backing out of the house.

Moments later, Riely is struck by gunfire. He surrender and officers rushed him out and to the hospital.

In the emergency room, Riley tries to grab an officer’s weapon but is wrestled and overpowered with no one harmed.

The aftermath

As Riley surrenders, officers hear an 11-year-old girl in the house. She has at least seven bullet holes in her body.

The girl looks at the deputies in the eyes and says “There’s 3 more dead people in the house.”

The officers enter the main house, one of three at the property, and find 40-year-old Justice Gleason shot dead. She is holding a baby, also shot dead.

In a house directly behind the main one, they find a 62-year-old grandmother shot dead. A dog is also found shot dead at the property.

 Bryan James Riley

Riley was honorably discharged from the U.S. Marines and at the time of the shooting worked as a security guard for ESS Global Corporation. He is a self-proclaimed survivalist and a meth addict. His girlfriend said his mental health has been in decline but he did not show any signs of violence.

Source: WOWKTV