23-year-old Selemawit Negash dies in fatal Phoenix red-light runner pedestrian-car crash  on Bethany Road – Monday, September 6, 2021

Phoenix Car Crash Death of Selemawit Negash – Obituary

23-year-old Selemawit Negash has died in a fatal Phoenix accident after a driver of a Chevrolet Tahoe ran a red light and struck Selemawit’s Nissan Sentra on Bethany Road, Monday, September 6, 2021. It occurred at about 7  a.m. as the Tahoe was heading east on Bethany. The Nissan was traveling south and had the right of way.

The Tahoe crashed into the Nissan, sending it off the road, through a wall, and into a nearby residence.

Selemawit was left with serious wounds and was taken to hospital where she died. The driver of the Tahoe was also hospitalized with injuries identified as non-life-threatening.

While investigations are still ongoing, police have established that impairment may have been a significant factor in the wreck.

Source: ABC15