23-year-old Zack Thompson dies in fatal Boston Perthshire Road fire after saving girlfriend and going back into burning building

Boston Fire Death of Zack Thompson – Obituary

23-year-old Zack Thompson has died in a fatal Boston fire after saving his girlfriend and going back into the burning building. It occurred at about 12:30 a.m. at 32 Perthshire Road. Zack pushed her girlfriend up a window but he did not survive.

Fire crews arrived at the property to find the house engulfed, with flames rising through the roof. The woman was on the roof after Zack helped her pass through a window.

The woman was screaming for help and her boyfriend who was still inside as fire crews attempted to bring her down. When it came time to save Zack, the fire was too strong. He was found deceased after the fire was put out.

Source: WCBV