36-year-old Wayne D. Roam, of House Springs, dies after being shot by homeowner during burglary in Festus – Thursday, September 16, 2021

36-year-old Wayne D. Roam, of House Springs, has died after being shot by a homeowner during a burglary in Festus. The shooting occurred on Thursday, September 16, 2021, when Wayne, in the company of other men, sprayed mace in the home of an unidentified man, prompting him to fire at the attackers.

Police arrived at the scene to find Wayne Fatally shot, lying on the porch.

The homeowner says he heard a door knock and when he checked, he saw men shaking the doorknob. He opened the door and the men sprayed mace into the home.

The homeowner fired and killed Wayne.

Two men were later apprehended in the area when they did not have conceiving stories about why they were in the neighborhood. Police say one of the men had bloodstains on him.

One of them, identified as 29-year-old Sean Ramsey, of Festus, has been charged with murder as he was party to a crime that resulted in a death.

Investigations into the shooting are still ongoing.

Source: KCTV