8-year-old boy Demetrius Stevenson dies in fatal Markham drive-by shooting, 15700 block of Homan Avenue – Monday, September 27, 2021

Markham Drive-By Shooting Death of 8-year-old boy Demetrius Stevenson – Obituary

8-year-old boy Demetrius Stevenson has died in a fatal Markham drive-by shooting that occurred in the 15700 block of Homan Avenue on Monday, September 27, 2021. Police believe the boy’s brother was the intended target of the drive-by shooting.

Demetrius was shot in the head as he stood with his 18-year-old brother. Police say a group of young men arrived at the scene from Chicago with intentions of shooting the boy’s 18-year-old brother. The targeted 18-year-old survived unharmed while Demetrius was hit one time.

The shooting is still being investigated and a suspect has been placed in custody.