Diana Peña dies in fatal Arriss County I-45 pedestrian-car crash after argument with b/f Andrew Wise Jr. – Monday, September 27, 2021

Harris County Pedestrian Car Accident Death of Diana Peña – Obituary

Diana Peña has died in a fatal Harriss County, Interstate 45 pedestrian-car crash after being hit by 2 vehicles. The accident happened when Diana left the 2021 Silverado she and boyfriend Andrew Wise Jr. were in after an argument on Monday, September 27, 2021.

Police say Andrew and Diana had pulled over at Crossington Way and the I-45 feeder road where Diana exited the vehicle and crossed the feeder road before running into the southbound lanes of Interstate 45.

She was waving her arms, possibly to flag down cars. A witness says she ducked as if to pick up something when she was struck by a vehicle, then immediately another.

Diana was killed on the scene while both drivers survived unhurt. The first driver said they did not see the woman but the second one did see him but had no time to react.