17-year-old Albert Williams of Hammonton dies, 44-yar-old father Dione Williams Sr. injured in Burlington Walmart shooting – Thursday, October 7, 2021

Burlington Walmart Shooting Death of Albert Williams of Hammonton – Obituary

17-year-old Albert Williams of Hammonton has died and his 44-year-old father, Dione Williams Sr., was left injured in a Burlington Walmart shooting that occurred on Thursday, October 7, 2021. It happened in the parking lot of the Walmart located on Mount Holly Road.

The shop was open at the time of the shooting. Shoppers say the gunfire sounded like firecracker and left many scapmpering to safety.

Albert was fatally shot while his father, Dione, was left with injuries. He was treated at hospital and was released on Friday.

This is a fresh investigation and so far, police have yet to identify any suspects or motives. However, they have stated that this was not a random attack and the victims were targeted.

Walmart has pledged to help with the investigation which is still ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to contact 609-265-7113.