21-year-old Ayadilis Chalas dies, 23-year-old Alec Matthew Almanzar wounded in Daytona Beach suicide-pact shooting – Thursday, October 7, 2021

Daytona Beach FL Suicide-Pact Death of Ormond Beach Couple Ayadilis Chalas, wounding of Alec Matthew Almanzar – Obituary

21-year-old Ayadilis Chalas has died and 23-year-old Alec Matthew Almanzar has been wounded in a Daytona Beach suicide-pact shooting that occurred on Thursday, October 7, 2021. The couple was from Ormond Beach.

The shooting occurred at Florida’s Holly Hill gun range when the couple put their heads together before Alec fired a single round. The bullet shot through Ayadilis’s head and into Alec’s.

Ayadilis was pronounced dead at the scene while Alec sustained a serious wound. He has since been hospitalized and remains sedated.

According to official reports, the couple went to Holly Hill gun range where they rented a 9 mm. After hugging and kissing, they put their heads together and Alec pressed the gun against Ayadilis temple. He fired but the gun failed. In a second attempt, a single shot was fired. The bullet went through Ayadilis’ head and into Alec’s.

Ayadilis was killed at the scene while Alec survived with critical wounds.

The incident was captured on CCTV and remains under investigation. More details will be made available.