37-year-old Jaison Jackson dies in fatal Greenville motorcycle crash Friday, October 8, 2021

Greenville Motorcycle Crash Death of Jaison Jackson – Obituary

37-year-old Jaison Jackson has died in a fatal Greenville motorcycle crash that occurred on Friday, October 8, 2021. It happened on N. Green Street in the area of Pactolus Highway when a man identified as 21-year-old Devin Black was pulling a 2006 Jeep out of a parking lot. He drove the Jeep in the path of Jaison’s motorcycle, leading to a crash.

Jaison sustained serious injuries and was killed at the scene while Devin survived unharmed.

The accident is still being investigated and more information will be made available. If anyone has information about the accident, you are asked to contact Crime Stoppers (252) 758-7777 or PFC A.S. Samuel of the Traffic Safety Unit (252) 414-0709.