38-year-old George Anthony Dowdell shoots self in Birmingham standoff – Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Birmingham Police Standoff Death of George Anthony Dowdell – obituary

38-year-old George Anthony Dowdell shot and killed himself during a Birmingham standoff with police that occurred on Wednesday, October 13, 2021. Officers arrived in the 600 block of Brussels Circle where a woman had been shot in the foot, following a domestic dispute with George.

When officers arrived, George ran into an apartment and barricaded himself. He fired several shots at the officers without any fire returned to him.

In the course of 4 hours, officers acquired a warrant against George for the attempted murder of officers. City-wide assistance from officers was on the scene.

After fours hours of no activity by the suspect, officers decided to go in. They found George dead from a bullet wound. No one else was inside and it was determined that he had shot and killed himself.

The woman that George shot in the foot was taken to the hospital for treatment.