Daniel C. Davis and Ashlie D. Walker die in fatal Old Town double-shooting – Sunday, October 24, 2021

Old Town shooting death of Daniel C. Davis and Ashlie D. Walker – Obituary

47-year-old Daniel C. Davis and 37-year-old Ashlie D. Walker have died in a fatal Old Town double-shooting that occurred on Sunday, October 24, 2021. The shooting happened when the suspect, identified as Michael S. VanDomelen, shot Daniel and Ashlie at their apartment located at 310 NW 6th Avenue.

VanDomelen confessed to the killing, saying he was hearing voices that told him to shoot people. He said he shot Daniel to put him out of his misery.

Police say Michael told them he had taken meth several times in the hours leading to the shooting. He has since been arrested and charged.

Investigations are still ongoing.



PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The two victims of a double homicide in Old Town have been identified.

The Portland Police Bureau identified 47-year-old Daniel C. Davis and 37-year-old Ashlie D. Walker as the two people killed at an Old Town apartment building on Sunday. The Oregon State Medical Examiner officially ruled both their deaths as homicide by gunshot.

The accused killer, Michael S. VanDomelen, was arrested that same day. He had used methamphetamine just hours prior and confessed to the killings, according to court documents.

Ashlie D. Walker was identified as one of two victims of a double homicide in Old Town on Oct. 24. There is no photo available for the second victim, Daniel C. Davis. (Courtesy: Walker family)
VanDomelen was charged with two counts of first-degree murder after appearing before a judge Monday.

Docs: Accused Old Town killer used meth, confessed to cops
Authorities said Portland Police officers received a call around 6:30 a.m. reporting gunshots at an apartment located at 310 NW 6th Avenue. The 911 caller noted the shots were coming from the third floor of the apartment building and identified the shooter as a resident named “Mike.”

Officers arrived at the scene and found VanDomelen on the third floor. The apartment door on a different unit was open and officers found the man and woman laying on the floor with apparent gunshot wounds. There were multiple shell casings outside the apartment, the document said.

As he was being taken into custody, VanDomelen told officers there was a gun in his pocket. A 9 mm handgun and two loaded 9 mm magazines were found.

Suspect arrested in Old Town double murder investigation
Court documents indicate Officer Petty told Det. Pontius that, while sitting in the patrol car, VanDomelen confessed to shooting two people.

A resident witness said he heard gunshots and left his room. Documents said the witness saw the 2 victims inside the nearby apartment. He asked the man who shot him, but the man was not responsive.

Then he said he saw VanDomelen in the hall and asked if 911 had been called. VanDomelen said no. When asked by the witness if he knew who had done it, VanDomelen said “I did,” according to court records.

VanDomelen allegedly told the witness he wanted to put the male victim out of his misery and the witness began to walk away when he heard another shot, according to authorities.

Surveillance video from the apartment hallway showed VanDomelen pointing a gun into the victims’ apartment, the document said. Then he left before returning when the witness was outside the apartment. Van Domelen pointed the gun again into the apartment.

Man charged with 1st-degree murder after Old Town shooting
According to officials, VanDomelen was interviewed by a PPB detective and said he was friends with the male victim and admitted to shooting “him,” according to the court documents. He also allegedly noted there was a woman in the room.

Van Domelen claimed he used meth multiple times in the hours before the shooting and said he could hear voices telling him to shoot people, documents indicated.

VanDomelen confirmed he had his gun when he first arrived at the apartment, officials said.