Jabari Farafiai Asante-Chioke of Laplace dies in Metairie officer shooting – Sunday, November 21, 2021

Metairie officer shooting death of Jabari Farafiai Asante-Chioke of Laplace – Obituary

52-year-old Jabari Farafiai Asante-Chioke of Laplace has died in a fatal Metairie officer shooting that occurred on Sunday, November 21, 2021. It happened when officers responded to reports of a man walking with a gun and knife in the area of Causeway Boulevard.

When officers located Jabari, they ordered him to drop the weapons but he fled. Following a short chase, officers caught up with him and continued issuing verbal commands for Jabari to drop the gun and knife.

Officers deployed a taser but it proved futile. Jabari turned to face the officers and pointed his gun at them. At this point, they opened fire, striking him fatally.

The shooting remains under investigation.