Mariela Gonzalez Rocha dies in fatal Portland shooting by ex-boyfriend Davonte Donahue

Portland, Oregon shooting death of Mariela Gonzalez Rocha – Obituary

Mariela Gonzalez Rocha has died in a fatal Portland, Oregon shooting by her ex-boyfriend Davonte Donahue. The shooting took place in Southeast Portland at the D Salal Apartments.

Mariela called the police to report being held hostage by her ex-boyfriend Davonte. Officers arrived at the apartment located on Southeast 171st and Division. They were met with about 3o rounds of gunfire.

They managed to break a window and threw in chemical munitions at which point they were able to enter and arrest Davonte. Mariela Gonzalez was found already shot dead by the time the officers managed to enter.

Davonte faces 1 charge of murder as well as attempted murder for opening fire at the officers.

The shooting remains under invstigation.