Clinton Cottom arrested after killing woman with vehicle at party in Oklahoma

35-year-old Clinton Cottom has been arrested after killing a woman with a vehicle at a party in Oklahoma. The incident happened on Saturday, November 27, 2021, when Clinton drove a pickup truck into a crowd, leaving the woman dead and a man with a fractured pelvis.

Clinton arrived at a neighbor’s party to which he was not invited. He was drunk when he arrived and reportedly made aggressive sexual advances toward the women at the party.

Clinton was then physically removed from the residence. He went home but returned in his pickup truck, driving at high speed on the driveway. He crashed into multiple cars and pinned a man between two vehicles. That man was left with a broken pelvis.

The pick-up then went airborne after flying off a vehicle like a ramp. It then landed on the woman and left her with severe injuries to which she succumbed.

Clinton has since been arrested and charged with sexual assault and murder.