Anei Gabriel Joker dies in fatal Salt Lake City police shooting – Wednesay, December 1, 2021

Salt Lake City police shooting death of Anei Gabriel Joker – Obituary

Anei Gabriel Joker has died in a fatal Salt Lake City police shooting that occurred on Wednesday, December 1, 2021. The shooting happened after police located Joker who was wanted for rape and other crimes.

Joker was found in a vehicle with a baby and other people. Officers were able to remove the baby from the vehicle, and the other adults got out, leaving Joker alone in the car.

Officers ordered him to come out but he refused. After trying to get him out with pepper balls, officers were finally forced to open fire. It was at this point that Joker got out while firing at the officers. He was killed in the standoff.

Joker has been identified as the same person that was shot by officers as a teenager.

The shooting remains under investigation and more eimrotmation will be made available.