Brownsville motorcyle-car crash death of Adolfo Humberto Guerra – Obituary

Brownsville motorcycle-car crash death of Adolfo Humberto Guerra – Obituary

62-year-old Adolfo Humberto Guerra has died in a fatal Brownsville car crash that occurred on Saturday, April 16, 2022. The accident happened in the 5500 block of Paredes Line Road when the motorcycle that Adolfo was on colided with a vehicle.

According to official reports, Adolfo was riding a motorcycle on Paredes Lone Road when the bike failed to yield to a vehicle that was traveling on the same road.

The motorcycle made a right turn and wound up in the way of the vehicle, leading to a collision. Adolfo, 62, was left with severe injuries to which he succumbed at the scene.

There was one female passenger on the motorcycle. That passenger was left with injuries and was sent to a local hospital,

The accident is under investigation and more details will be made available.