Fatalities: Celene Reducindo, 47, and Maria Hernandez, 54 die in fatal North County car crash – Sunday, April 16, 2022

North County car crash death of Maria Hernandez and Celene Reducindo – obituary

Berenice Cortez Pineda, 47, was allegedly driving a Chevrolet Cruze northbound on Highway 101 with five passengers when she came to a stop just south of the Santa Barbara Road off-ramp.

Felipe Gonzalez, 21, of Santa Maria, was driving a Chevrolet Suburban southbound on Highway 101 at speeds in excess of 65 mph when he lost control and collided with the back of a stopped Cruze, propelling it forward 120 feet, according to reports.

Two of the three other passengers in the vehicle’s back seats were allegedly killed in the incident, with one of them not wearing a seat belt. Celene Reducindo, 47, and Maria Hernandez, 54, have been recognized.