21-year-old UNO student Chiaya Whetstone died in drug overdose in New Orleans 

Drug overdose death of Chiaya Whetstone – Obituary

Ciaya Whetstone, a UNO student, died from Fentanyl and Ethanol intoxication, according to the Orleans Parish Coroners Officer.

Following the coroner’s report, Whetstone’s family’s legal team issued the following statement:

“The family of is saddened by the information contained in the coroner’s report regarding her cause of death and distraught that their daughter may have been the victim of a spiked substance which is becoming all too common.

This coroner’s report simply confirmed what we already suspected: she died of an overdose and her Uber driver failed to take appropriate action.

They want to know what the Uber driver did as he witnessed a passenger dying, and why he never called 911 as he witnessed a medical emergency.”