Fatality: Rita Matos and Edward Ramos die in fatal Schuylkill County car crash – March 28 2022

Schuylkill County car crash death of Rita Matos and Edward Ramos – Obituary

Carlisle citizens have been identified as two of the victims in the I-81 snowsquall collision that included 39 commercial trucks and 41 passenger automobiles.

Rita Matos, 40, and Edward Ramos, 43, were among the six persons killed in the March 28 collision, according to Pennsylvania State Police in Schuylkill County.

Terri Stull, 56, and Douglas Teeter, 57, of Lexington, Massachusetts; William Douglas, 69, of Pine Grove, West Virginia; and Domingo Diaz, 66, of Brooklyn, New York, were the other casualties.

The use of genetic samples was required to definitely identify the six victims killed in the pileup, which was triggered by an active snowsquall, according to officials. All of the victims were charred beyond recognition.

Rita Matos – Obituary

Edward Ramos – Obituary