Marie A. Meunier of Cape Girardeau, Vamshi Krishna Pechetty, and Pavan Swarna dies in fatal Union County car crash – Thursday, April 21, 2022

Union County car crash of death of Marie A. Meunier; Vamshi Krishna Pechetty; Pavan Swarna – Obituary

A crash on Route 3 in Union County on Thursday morning killed two Southern Illinois University Carbondale students, Vamshi Krishna Pechetty and Pavan Swarna, and a lady from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Marie A. Meunier of Cape Girardeau.

Vamshi Krishna Pechetty and Pavan Swarna, both graduate students in computer science, were among the students.

The accident happened about 4:15 a.m. on Thursday, April 21, 2022, on Route 3, north of McClure, Illinois.

32-year-old Marie A. Meunier of Cape Girardeau was driving a 2013 blue Fiat sedan southbound on Route 3 when her vehicle crossed the center line and collided with the front of Pechetty and Swarna’s black 2019 Toyota sedan.

Swarna was behind the wheel of the Toyota. Swarna, Pechetty, and Meunier were declared dead at the site of the accident.

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