Naimo Mahdi Abdirahman dies in fatal Columbus’ Northeast Side pedestrian-car crash – Saturday, April 24, 2022

Columbus’ Northeast Side pedestrian-car crash death of Naimo Mahdi Abdirahman- Obituary

Naimo Mahdi Abdirahman has been identified as the person pronounced dead following a fatal Columbus Northeast Side pedestrian-car crash that occurred on Wednesday, April 20, 2022. According to official reports, Naio was hit by a vehicle belonging to Columbus police Officer Demetris Ortega.

The fatal car crash happened near Morse Road and Walford Street and Naimo was left with severe injuries and was pronounced dead.

Columbus police Officer Demetris Ortega was placed on “relieved of duty” status — basically paid suspension — by Chief Elaine Bryant hours after the incident, The Dispatch previously reported.

Ortega, who has worked for the Columbus Division of Police since 2002, is the registered owner of the 2022 Kia Sorento involved in the incident, according to sources.

The fatal incident remains under investigation and more details will be made available