Shawn Hastings dies in fatal Spotsylvania shooting – Saturday, April 30, 2022

Spotsylvania shooting death of Shawn Hastings – Obituary

SPOTSYLVANIA, Va. (AP) – Following a shooting at Fatty’s Taphouse, a 35-year-old Spotsylvania man was killed.

Police said they responded to a gunshot at a neighborhood eatery in the 10100 block of Patriot Highway in Cosner Corner.

Deputies found the victim outdoors, suffering from several gunshot wounds, and treated him. Regrettably, he was pronounced deceased on the spot.

Shawn Hastings, 35, of Spotsylvania, has been confirmed as the victim.

Deputies also discovered that the gunshot was the result of an argument that occurred inside the restaurant. The culprit shot Hastings as he left the eatery, according to authorities.

Jesse Dean Beebout, the suspect, was apprehended early Sunday morning with the cooperation of law officials from other jurisdictions.