Deantony Lamont Glinsey arrested in racing car crash death of GF Taylor Morrow

Deantony Lamont Glinsey arrested for Phoenix racing crash death of Taylor Morrow – Obituary

PHOENIX  – According to authorities, a man who crashed his automobile while street racing in downtown Phoenix in November, killing his girlfriend, has been detained. Deantony Lamont Glinsey, 28, was apprehended in Indiana and returned to Phoenix on Friday.

According to court filings, Glinsey was racing a yellow Mustang and a black sedan down Jefferson Street on Nov. 28 when he lost control of his Camaro and crashed into a power post at Seventh Street. Taylor Morrow, his girlfriend, was thrown from the automobile. She was rushed to the hospital, where she died a short time later.

According to investigators, Glinsey was racing at 76 miles per hour on Jefferson Street and 66 miles per hour at the moment of accident. The Mustang was traveling at 80 miles per hour, while the sedan was traveling at 73 miles per hour. Because the route was under construction, the speed limit was set at 25 miles per hour.

According to court filings, one witness spotted Glinsey going west on Jefferson Street after leaving the collision site. However, he returned to the scene of the accident, and “it appeared as if he was hunting for someone,” according to the witness. Glinsey was eventually apprehended by police.