Bettye A. Montano and Allton J. Montano dies in fatal Amarilo TX car crash – Friday, May 6, 2022

Amarillo TX car crash death of Bettye A. Montano and Allton J. Montano – Obituary

Bettye A. Montano, 51 and Allton J. Montano, 21. have been identified as the people killed in a fatal Amarillo TX car crash that occurred on Friday, May 6, 2022.

The collision occurred at the junction of 34th Avenue and Lipscomb Street at noon on Friday.

According to authorities, two automobiles were traveling west on 34th Avenue when they collided, causing both to roll. One of them collided with a power pole.

Bettye and Allton Montano were killed on the spot.

Another passenger in their vehicle was rushed to the hospital with potentially fatal injuries.

According to investigators, the second car suffered just minor injuries.

The collision is thought to have been caused by speed.

The Traffic Investigation Unit is still looking into this collision.