Emily Rudman of Royalton Township dies in fatal dies in fatal Berrien County wheelchair-car crash – Saturday, May 7, 2022

Berrien County death of Emily Rudman of Royalton Township  – Obituary

Emily Rudman of Royalton Township has been identified as the lady in a wheelchair that was struck by a vehicle. The pedestrian fatality occurred on Saturday, May 7, 2022 in the 4300 block of M-139 in Berrien County’s Royalton Township.

Rudman was given first aid by responding deputies and Medic 1, and she was taken to Spectrum Health Lakeland St. Joseph, where she was declared dead.

Rudman, who was in a wheelchair, was attempting to cross M-139, according to police. Rudman was nearly struck by a northbound automobile before being trapped by a southbound vehicle. According to authorities, the driver remained at the site.

WMed in Kalamazoo will conduct an autopsy. The accident is still being investigated.