Romen Phelps dies in fatal West Palm Beach FL, Alexander Dreyfoos School officer shooting – Friday, May 13, 2022

Alexander Dreyfoos School officer shooting death of Romen Phelps – Obituary

Romen Phelps has been identified as the person killed in a fatal West Palm Beach FL car crash that occurred on Friday, May 13, 2022. The shooting happened on campus at the Alexander Dreyfoos School of the Arts

Romen Phelps, 33, was slain in the auditorium during an incident with a West Palm Beach police officer.

The public high school on South Sapodilla Avenue was first placed on “code red” lockdown following the incident at 11:58 a.m. It was later placed under “code yellow” lockdown.

Phelps got out of his van after crashing through a barred fence and striking multiple structures on campus, according to officials. He then raced into a building, past kids enjoying lunch outdoors.

The school resource officer and principal confronted Phelps, who got into a physical conflict with the school resource officer, according to authorities. Then Phelps broke free.

One minute after receiving an officer’s need for emergency support, an off-duty West Palm Beach police officer traveling near the school arrived to the scene.

Phelps, who had escaped into the theatre, was apprehended by that officer. According to officials, Phelps assaulted the off-duty cop and the officer fired one bullet.