Omari Cryer of Louisville dies in fatal US Marshall shooting – Friday, May 20, 2022

US Marshall shooting death of Omari Cryer of Louisville – Obituary

Omari Cryer of Louisville has been identified as the person killed in a fatal US Marshall shooting that occurred on Friday, May 20, 2022. The shooting happened in the 800 block of Sutliffe Avenue,

On Friday, WLKY crews noticed a strong police presence in the Chickasaw area for more than nine hours as they observed Cryer’s corpse being covered with a white sheet in the alley.

On Friday, many members of Cryer’s family were on the scene seeking for information.

Cryer looked to be fleeing the cops, according to witnesses.

“They were following him into the side of the house, and as they chased him through there, he heard three pops, and that’s when the cops arrived,” a neighbor, Michael Bradley, explained.