Irineo Soto Morales, Ernesto Cumplido Martinez and Isidro Rodriguez Salvador dies in fatal Quincy Wash car crash –

Irineo Soto Morales – Obituary; Ernesto Cumplido Martinez – Obituary; Isidro Rodriguez Salvador – Obituary

In a crash just north of Quincy, three people were killed and two were seriously injured.

According to authorities, the collision occurred last Thursday when a vehicle went too quickly around a bend. The automobile flipped in the gravel and spun out of control. Four persons were thrown from the automobile, while one stayed inside.

At the scene, Irineo Soto Morales, Ernesto Cumplido Martinez, and Isidro Rodriguez Salvador were all declared dead.

Israel Gurrola Paez, who was discovered inside the automobile, and Gary Barnett were both taken by ambulance to Quincy Valley Hospital.

They were both airlifted to Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane later that day.

Paez, the sole person who was wearing a seatbelt, is in stable condition. Barnett is categorized as critically ill.