70-year-old Leonard Carella of North Las Vegas dies in fatal North Las Vegas car crash- Saturday, September 17, 2022

North Las Vegas car crash death of Leonard Carella – Obituary

70-year-old Leonard Carella of North Las Vegas has been identified as the person killed in a fatal North Las Vegas car crash that occurred on Saturday, September 17, 2022. Corey Clark, 20, a resident of Las Vegas, has been arrested.

At 4:16 p.m., the police were called to North Decatur Boulevard and West Jay Avenue. Numerous witnesses reported a severe collision in which they said a black 2015 BMW 328i slammed into the left side of a white 2011 Chevrolet pickup truck to the emergency services by calling 911.

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Leonard Carella, a resident of North Las Vegas, was the pickup truck’s driver, and he was transferred to University Medical Center where he was declared dead.

According to authorities, the white truck was thrown some 112 feet south of the place of collision, where significant road gouges had been made, and the BMW was thrown about 91 feet to the southeast. Both autos had significant damage.

Corey Clark, 20, a resident of Las Vegas and the driver of the BMW, was approached by police at the scene. Later, Clark told police that he believed he was traveling at roughly 50 miles per hour.

According to the arrest report, “both officers noticed marijuana packets in plain view within the interior of the BMW and smelled a substantial stench of marijuana radiating from the automobile.”