Mariella Hardin, 53; Genelle Guillmo Ramerine, 38; die in fatal Las Vegas car crash – Saturday, November 12, 2022

Las Vegas car crash death of Mariella Hardin and Genelle Guillmo Ramerine – Obituary

While attempting to go to Reno to see a relative, a Las Vegas family was killed in a collision.

The collision, according to the Nevada State Police, occurred on US 95 at about 5:50 a.m. on November 12 near Mile Marker 18, which is a mile south of Goldfield, Nevada.

On US 95, a white Ram pickup truck was heading in the direction of a silver Ram that was moving in the other direction. For unexplained reasons, the driver of the white Ram drove over the middle line toward the silver truck, causing the silver vehicle to swerve before they both crashed and the white Ram caught fire.

The white Ram’s passengers were all pronounced dead at the site. The victims were identified by state police as 53-year-old Mariella Hardin, 38-year-old Genelle Guillmo Ramerine, and two little girls.