32-year-old Bradley Chambers dies in fatal Jackson Hwy 80 car crash

Jackson Hwy 80 car crash death of Bradley Chambers – Obituary

According to the police, a collision that occurred on Highway 80 in Jackson on Thursday evening resulted in the death of a motorcycle.

The death of Bradley Chambers, who was 32 years old and lived in Jackson, has been confirmed by the Hinds County Coroner, Sharon Grisham-Stewart.

According to a news statement sent by the Jacksonville Police Department to the media, “Bradley Chambers was driving west on Highway 80 when he collided with a car that was exiting from Carter Circle and making a left turn across traffic.”

Chambers was ejected from his motorbike and passed away at the site of the accident despite the fact that he was wearing a helmet.

During the time that the Jackson Police Department was conducting its investigation, a section of the roadway that is near Robinson Road was had to be closed.

As the crews from WLBT arrived, there were many policemen from the police department there, as well as a mobile crime lab.

The second car, which the police claim was a black Infiniti driven by a woman, was described by the police as having no other data available.