John Paterson, 79, of Flushing, New York dies in fatal Ventura Co. car crash – Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Ventura Co. car crash death of John Paterson – Obituary

On Friday, the name of a man who passed away on Wednesday in Ventura after being struck by a vehicle was made public by the Medical Examiner’s Office of Ventura County. The incident occurred on Wednesday.

John Paterson, age 79, was identified as the victim. He was a resident of Flushing, New York. The age that was first stated by the Ventura Police Department was incorrect.

The collision took place at around 7:50 in the morning. at the corner where Ocean and Jordan avenues meet.

Paterson was walking across Ocean Avenue when he was approached by a driver in a vehicle heading in the other direction on the road. According to authorities from the police department, the vehicle came to a halt after striking Paterson and remained at the site to assist with medical treatment.

Paterson was taken to a nearby hospital, but it was determined that he had already passed away. According to the findings of the medical examiner, the way in which the person died was an accident.